things god could do to make me feel better today (5/30)

things god could do to make me feel better today

make fritos good for you
so good for you that all my rich friends text me all day
about how good they feel after the frito-detox
but also make them free

make a version of cup o noodles that tastes like a full thanksgiving dinner
while you’re at it, make it not even require a microwave
so that I never have to get out of bed again
I would also like for these to be good for me

build my mother a house
one with carpet so soft
she could not hurt herself
even if she flings herself down the stairs
If you have time
please make my mother stop flinging herself down the stairs

write love letters in the ground to all the women who have kept me alive
etch I am with you on the snowy lawn of a house in Boston
cut I will fight for you into the LA sky
plant I do not forget in the twisted trees of a Massachusetts suburb

punish every man who ever assaulted me
give him terrible scores on his LSAT
have his new movie debut to terrible reviews
raise the rent on his new york studio apartment
stop him from making new instagram accounts to message me with
give his daughter my eyes


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